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It’s safe to say that billions of people around the world are in a stressful situation right now. For many, life changed nearly overnight, with little time to prepare ~ Vox.Com

It's a new term you may have heard "Covid Anxiety"  the fear of returning to day to day life after social distancing.

Many I have talked to have brought up the issue of feeling anxiety about what it will be like when the Coronavirus Crisis  is over. Leaving home to return to daily life and work and for some this is leaving them very uptight.

I have been coming in to our studios all long during the pandemic and really have no anxiety about "regular" life because it has not changed that much for me....so I'm hoping as we re-populate towns and work places that this won't be an issue.

Yes the virus itself is enough to fear and the economic troubles .... but what about going back out and doing your "normal" schedule does this give you anxiety?



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