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As we continue to see our lives change here in New Jersey, during the Coronavirus Pandemic.....one thing that might see a comeback is the Milkman. My dad when he was young was a Milkman (many moons ago) and I remember my Grandparents having milk and cream delivered to their home in Silverton.

My Grandparents had a metal insulated box that sat out at th front door and once a week the Milkman would come by and make a delivery. The milk and cream would come in glass bottles and I don't know if it was my imagination or not, but that milk was the best.

During this crisis there are reports showing people do want "home delivery" and this is a safe way to get needed supplies delivered. Bay-Lea Dairy  is one local Milkman .... supermarkets like Shop Rite  may also be able to deliver milk and cream.

Milkmen used to also deliver butter, eggs, cheese etc. It will be interesting to see if more home delivery services will pop up around the Jersey Shore as residents look for another shopping option.

Do you remember having a Milkman? 

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