It's summer and for many, it's time to have the A/C running at home, but where do you have your thermometer set at? A recent report from "Energy Star" gave recommendations for where you at home should keep the thermostat set at.

Energy Star, which is a joint federal program run by the Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency, has set recommendations for where your thermostat should be for ideal energy efficiency this summer. The report, released in this People article, sets the following guidelines:

78° F  when you’re home
85° F  when you’re at work or away
82° F  when you’re sleeping

Listeners sounded off on how they feel about the "recommended" settings:

  • Elizabeth: 82 degrees while sleeping ? means NO SLEEP . Would be drenched in sweat all night. Where did they ever get this idea? Ridiculous !!!
  • Scott: Work outside all day, then tell me where it should be.....
  • Julia: Serious dude!! I'd die of heat stroke in the summer and if not , I'd boil to death in winter!!!68-70 year round!!!
  • AutumnIf I had my ac set on 82 at night I would never sleep
  • Bob: Only a psychopath would set their ac at 82°
  • Donna: I would have to wash and dry the sweat out of my sheets everyday
  • PamelaWe’ll all be dehydrated meat patties
  • Sue Rosswith hot flashes? That's a no 😂
  • KurtNo freaking way... 69 degrees whenever we're home

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