There are some things that many of us are picky about - where we get our gas, where we get our pizza, etc. Today we're asking about hair.

For some people it can be one of the most important things to be picky about, for others it's wherever you can get in first. Some prefer full-on spas, while others are happy to walk in to a strip mall barber shop.

I had an experience last month where I had to get my hair cut before I went on vacation and then the trip to LA. I'd be gone for a good two weeks, and I was already overdue. Unfortunately, my regular stylist, Sophia at Roots Salon in Bayville, is a popular lady and I couldn't make a last minute appointment in time, so I went to one of those strip mall salons.

I got butchered.

No joke, I'm convinced that the person who cut my hair had never done a haircut before. She was painfully slow, awkwardly silent (didn't speak a word the whole time), and missed a whole bunch of spots that I had to "fix" when I got home.

Lesson learned, make an appointment well in advance if I want to know I'm going to get a great hair cut!

So how about you? Do you have a regular salon that you go to or are you happy to go wherever you can sneak an appointment in? Leave a comment below and give a shout out to your favorite local salon!

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