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So this Halloween may be a little different because of the Coronavirus Pandemic, but you can still dress up for Halloween. Do you dress your pets for Halloween?


Usually we do dress our pets for Halloween, now that being said....doesn't mean that the costume stays on long. Our dogs usually find a way to slip out of their costumes pretty quick. We hope they'll keep it on long enough for a quick cute photo op.

Shawn iMichaels


Here are some of the top picks, for dogs, from Good Housekeeping

Have you spotted a Halloween costume for your pets this year? Will you buy a costume or possibly create something yourself? If you do dress your pets, send us a pic....we would love to see your furry friends dressed for Halloween.

Remember no chocolate for your pets, only pet approved treats! Here are some safety tips for pet owners from Banfield Pet Hospital. Enjoy the season and beware of ghosts and goblins .... Boooo !

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