A lot of us these days have Facebook pages and happily engage in discussions with our friends privately. But commenting online publicly can be a whole different game.

It amazes me how the comments section of a perfectly benign story can turn into a furious, all out battle. Usually it devolves into sniping about politics or other controversial topics.

But it never ceases to blow my mind how you can come across a story about something as non-confrontational as, say, waffles, yet some people find ways to get into a full-on war of words in the comments.

Frankly, it tends to scare people like me off, because I don't want to get dragged into something that has nothing to do with the article that I was going to comment on in the first place.

So what about you? Do you comment and get into discussions publicly online or do you avoid it? If you're brave enough, tell us your thoughts in the comments section!