Earlier today, I came across this article from Movoto.com called "10 New Jersey Stereotypes That Are Completely Accurate."

I would respectfully have to say the article should be renamed to "7 New Jersey Stereotypes That Are Completely Accurate, and 3 That Are Entirely Wrong." But that's a mouthful.

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Right off the bat, Number 1 was incorrect - it claimed "North Jersey is Better Than South Jersey." Now, this is false because a) it denies the existence of a Central Jersey (more on that later), and b) Central/South Jersey have SO many great things: The Shore, the Casinos in Atlantic City, Six Flags Great Adventure, Shopping Outlets...come on. I'm no North Jersey hater, but don't go discounting the rest of the state, okay? OH, they also said "Taylor Ham > Pork Roll Subs" which EVERYONE knows Taylor Ham is the brand, Pork Roll is the food.

Number 2 said, "Central Jersey Doesn't Exist." Again, wrong. This was the author's explanation:

North Jersey and South Jersey are the cool kids at the party. Central Jersey is the whiny little brother your mom makes you bring to the party so that he feels included. I have studied the matter extensively - and by that I mean, I read the internet and argued with friends - and can conclusively say that Central Jersey is a figment of your imagination.

After going to college in Mercer County, I can attest to the fact that there is a Central Jersey. I have also driven all the way from North Jersey to Atlantic City, and doing that will make anyone a believer of Central Jersey. I'm also gonna guess this person has never been to the Freehold Mall because after being in that wonderland, they'd no longer deny Central Jersey.

This one was the one that fired me up the most "People from New Jersey are Loud, Obnoxious, and Full of Themselves." And to be fair, they spun it as we are that way because our state is so great to live in, which is true, but that wasn't the best way to word it. Especially since the author wasn't born and raised here. We're also some of the kindest people you'll ever meet. New Jersey is home to some of the greatest charities, and though we're a small state, we're full of heart. I don't think there is a universe where someone is going to take to being called obnoxious kindly, especially someone from New Jersey, amirite?

All of the rest of the points are excellent and very true. Here they are:

  • Jersey Pride Runs Deep
  • New Jerseyans Are Massive Bagel and Pizza Snobs
  • There's No Jersey Accent, You're Just Pronouncing it Wrong
  • Everyone Lives off An Exit on the Parkway (well, mostly true...we here at the Jersey Shore do!)
  • Give Us a Diner and a Dunkin' and We're Set for Life
  • Jersey Girls are the Stone Cold Best (DUH)

Check out the full article for yourself, and let me know if you're offended, or you agree.

H/T: Chris Kolmar, Movoto.com

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