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Jim Antes

Ok we need to have an open discussion, do we have a squirrel problem? What's going on with the squirrels ? Are you seeing a squirrel issue?

Let's face it one thing we have no shortage of is squirrels, they are everywhere and they are very active this fall as they prepare for the upcoming winter. One thing we have been noticing is squirrels and their love of automobiles! What's this all about? do they think the cars are giants acorns? do they need a lift or are they looking to buy maybe? What do you think? have you noticed squirrels going after your cars at home?

One issue I always have with squirrels is their love for my bird feeders. I think I feed more squirrels then I do birds at this point. I am amazed at how squirrels can climb anything and they are acrobats! They will climb and hang upside down and swipe my bird seed. Truly remarkable how they manage to get around every road block I put up and still raid the backyard bird feeders.

However going back to the car mystery, have you spotted squirrels going after your cars? What do we do to get them to stop? a true mystery lol

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