We are firmly in the middle of winter 2018-2019, and the question of what this season will look like weather-wise isn't a question of "if", but "when".

And when that first storm of 2019 hits, you want to be sure that you've done these 3 things before hitting the roads.

Check your tires

You'll want to take a look at two things for your tires - the pressure and the tread.

Both are simple.You need all of zero auto expertise to do either.

First, take a look and see what your tire pressure should be. When you open your car's door, there will be a sticker in the door jamb that tells you what pressures the manufacturer recommends.

Many cars made in the last few years have sensors that will tell you the current pressure right on your dash. If your car doesn't have a tire pressure monitor, both Wawa and QuickChek have free air pump stations that will also tell you what your current pressure is.

Next, you should check your tire tread's wear, especially if you haven't gotten new tires in a few years.

Checking the treads is actually a lot less intimidating than it sounds. All you need is a penny.

Seriously, stick Abe Lincoln upside down in the grooves in all 4 of your tires. If the 16th president's head is covered by the rubber, you're good to go. If you can see his full noggin, it's time to go tire shopping.


Fill your washer fluid

There are few things worse than having your windshield sprayed with water, dirty slush, and road brine when you're out of washer fluid.

There all kinds of washer fluid.

Some that will melt light ice, some that claim to wash tough crud off your glass, and some that will, well, just simply clean your windshield.

Let's be honest here, when your view of the road is obstructed by a film of salt, snow, and dirt, any kind of washer fluid is better than no washer fluid!

Keep a snow brush in your car

Brushing all of the snow off of your car isn't just considerate to other drivers, it's the law here in New Jersey.

And they're not messing around about it. If a chunk of snow that you couldn't be bothered to clean off of your car flies off and causes an accident, it'll cost you big time.

Spend a lot, spend a little, but spend something, toss it in your vehicle, and you'll be ready for whatever Mother Nature throws at us.

The good news is that this weekend's weather isn't expected to bring much snow south of about Middlesex County.

But the bad news is that we could see what does fall turning to ice by Sunday night, and do you know what situation you don't want to be in if you have to be on the road? In a car with bald tires, no washer fluid, and nothing to clean it off with!


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