As evening arrives here at the Jersey Shore on another unseasonably warm October day, fog is rolling in once again, potentially making getting around our area a bit touchy.

On top of the haze is the added fact that, as I told you about earlier this month, it's peak season for car vs. deer accidents on our roads.

According to, the average temperature on October 22nd in our neck of the woods is normally around the 60-degree range, so today's highs that got close to 70 are well above where it would normally be a week and a half away from November.

Add a good dose of humidity to the mix and you have a perfect recipe for the fog that we've been seeing this week.

So, what should you do if you need to hit the roads?

First of all, and we really shouldn't have to still be saying this - put the dang phone down! The most important thing is going to be to minimize distractions (and speed!).

If you're having trouble seeing, using your high beams could actually make things worse, the brights reflect off of the fog and make visibility even worse. According to State Farm, use your low beams or if your car has fog lights, use those instead.

Don't tailgate. Again, this is something that we shouldn't have to say, but we somehow still do have to say it.

And it's worth repeating, watch out for the deer. This time of year they're all over the place, and Ocean & Monmouth Counties have some of the highest rates of car vs. deer accidents in the state.

You can check out more tips for safely driving in fog by clicking here for the State Farm article.

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