Sometimes I feel like I was born a little too late.  I would have loved to have been part of the disco scene when it first started.  Do you remember when Saturday Night Fever came out and everyone wanted to dress like and dance like the characters in the movie?  Alas, I was too young.  But I did have a couple of polyester Huckapoo shirts that I wore proudly. Remember those?

And what about those Danskin leotards and wrap skirts?  Did you wear bell bottoms? Platforms?  Gold lame?

As I play the flashback tunes during the Ocean County Cafe at lunchtime,  I often think about those disco days.  While I was in my basement in Queens singing and dancing to Bee Gees and Donna Summer records, were you doing the Hustle at the Jersey Shore hotspots? Where were the best places to go dancing in Ocean County in the 70s?  Did you ever make the trip to Manhattan to check out Studio 54 or any of the other discos in the city?  Have any fun memories you can share?