A little of this and a little of that on a somewhat historic day for two reasons:

First it appears the Democrats will be fully in charge in Washington after sweeping the two Senate runoff elections in Georgia.  While not yet official it would give the Democrats full control of Congress when President-elect Joe Biden takes office on January 20th.

The second comes from today’s New York Post which is reporting that Kim Kardashian is set to divorce Kanye West.  The Page Six report goes on to say Kim has already hired a divorce attorney, no longer wears her wedding ring and was not with Kayne during the holidays.  I am truly shocked and thought for sure they would be together for ever and ever.

Okay I can stop biting my tongue and move on.

  • Is it me or does it seem more homes than usual are still decorated for Christmas? I see quite a few houses still lit up at night and am wondering if it’s just a way for people to feel better during the pandemic.
  • This is the final week of “Jeopardy” shows featuring Alex Trebek as host which were taped in October shortly before his death from pancreatic cancer. Watching him this week it’s really hard to imagine that he was able to tape the shows while on death’s doorstep.
  • Macy’s is expected to announce the closing of some of their retail stores on the company’s website today. Tuesday they said they would close 45 stores this year as part of a 3-year plan to downsize their operation.  In the shore area Macy’s has stores in the Ocean County Mall, Freehold Raceway Mall and Monmouth Mall.
  • It is both amazing and disgusting that everything today seems to have political overtones. The latest has to do with COVID-19 vaccines in which many point the finger at someone else over why 70% of the vaccines remain in freezers.  Find a way to get it done!
  • If you’re looking for a book to read and are somewhat a fan of actor Matthew McConaughey then I highly recommend “Greenlights” which is a combination memoir, autobiography and more. He’s a pretty interesting guy and while a bit over-the-top the book is a fast and easy read.

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