In this day and age of ubiquitous technology, it can be hard to get everyone to just put the phone down for an hour and enjoy a meal together without any distractions.

One shore restaurant is not only encouraging just that, but they'll reward you if you can follow through.

Toast City Diner, with shore locations in Asbury Park and Red Bank (as well as a Montclair restaurant, too), introduced "Cell Phone Free Saturday" this past weekend.

  1. Turn all cell phones at the table to silent and place in the container provided. (Entire table must participate to be eligible).
  2. Enjoy your meal and your company.
  3. Let them know at the end of the meal you’ve completed the challenge before you ask for the check and receive 10% off.

That's it.

All you and your dining companions have to do is survive a meal without using your phone and you instantly score a discount.

No coupon clipping, no promo codes, just no Facebook or texting.

Could you and your family survive a cell phone free meal?

Heck, on that note maybe it's something worth trying in your own home. If the whole family can go through a complete meal without touching their devices, reward them with a favorite dessert, family movie night, or some other family treat.

Would you like to see more restaurants do this? Weigh in on the comments section below and let us know your thoughts on the cell phone free challenge!


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