I wish everything played well together.  I'm talking about my technology.  I have a PC running Windows, an Apple iPhone, a Google Home device, and an Amazon Kindle tablet.  I'm not really complaining because I'm grateful that I was able to purchase two and was gifted the other two.  But now that I'm using all four on a daily basis, I realize, I'm not "brand loyal."

Sometimes I think it would be better to just have one brand's products in the house.  Everything would sync with and support the other.  My calendar would be updated everywhere.  There wouldn't be as big a learning curve.   And I could avoid the embarassment of using the wrong name, "Hey Alexa," when I mean to be querying Siri or the Google Assistant.  (Admit it, that's happened to you, too...hasn't it?)

Okay so let's see if Ocean County residents lean more Apple, Amazon, Google, or Microsoft?  Are you loyal to any one particular brand.  If so, why?



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