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If you have lived for any length of time here at the Jersey Shore then you know that snow is something we see only once in a while. Growing up here at the Shore I spent many a ride on the school bus saying to myself ”they said it was gonna snow” only to need an umbrella more than a snow shovel. As with many winter storms, the warm ocean water usually foils Jack Frost's plans and turns a winter wonderland into a wet wonderland. As you get older you see that the ocean is a good trade off for snow, just remember it in July.

So being that snow is a rarity here in Ocean County, a ”white Christmas” is even more so. I can count the number of ”white Christmas” here in Ocean County on one hand. It just doesn't happen very often.

We are one week out basically and the latest, as of 12/21/20,  from the Weather Channel  is calling for possibly a few flurries, not sure if that's enough to make for a "white Christmas". The Toms River forecast is calling for variable clouds with snow flakes possible.

I don’t wanna be a ”Grinch” but we know how things can change, but we have some hope here and we will keep our fingers crossed. Dan Zarrow will have more details as we get closer to the 25th.

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