My wife, who is much smarter than I am tells me I should stay away from anything than someone could view as controversial during this segment.

That means no mention of President Trump/President-elect Joe Biden, Governor Murphy and his restrictions, mask or no mask, to take or not take a COVID-19 vaccine, should schools go all-remote. You get the picture.

What it leaves is not much; is it okay to put Christmas decorations up before Thanksgiving, will the Pearson family come together on “This Is Us”, will Clare and Dale really stay together after bolting the The Bachelorette and should the Jets tank the season to draft Trevor Lawrence.

Since I have to stay away from anything with political overtones let’s tackle some of the issues I did mention:

Christmas Decorations- There should be laws on the books that you can only decorate for the holiday coming up next.  That means NO Christmas decorations and certainly no tree until November 27th.  Yes I know that may sound hypocritical since 92.7 WOBM is already playing Christmas music but to my knowledge there is no Thanksgiving music.  I know, bad answer but it’s all I have.

What’s even worse is those who actually put up some Christmas stuff while their house was still decorated for Halloween.  That should require at least 20 hours of community service.

The Pearson’s/This Is Us- There is a lot going on here and front and center might be the relationship between Randall and Kevin. Plus Kevin of all people is going to be the father of twins.  There are only 18 episodes this season so things will likely move quickly.  By the way there are at least two more seasons after this one and who knows where they will go with these characters.

The Bachelorette/Clare & Dale- I could care less but it seems many women do.  I’ll pass on this one.

Jets/1st Draft Pick- You just know this will not go well for the Jets because nothing ever does.  They’ll go 0-16, draft the can’t-miss Clemson quarterback and he’ll announce he’s giving up football for a nomadic life in Thailand.

Am I okay with this or will I be attacked?  I guess in retrospect I should have stayed away from the Christmas decorating thing.  My bad!


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