The Negrotto family of Waretown has been getting in the Halloween spirit by decorating their property on Mizzen Way. They've got the traditional inflatables, jack o' lanterns, and tombstones, and they added a scene with an appropriately seasonal and local backstory.

(Photo courtesy of the Negrotto family)
(Photo courtesy of the Negrotto family)

Little did they know that they'd have the cops knocking on their door because of part it.

Here's the story of "Zombie Bob" right from Krysten Negrotto herself:

On October 5th, 2017, the government announced that Oyster Creek has a leak, and leaked into Ocean County's drinking water! There were reports of erratic zombie-like behavior all over Ocean County. Residents all over were showing signs of illness, mass panic erupted! Next thing we knew, Bob started to pace and foam from the mouth, he was twitching and talking fast. We became worried. It was as if he was becoming a ZOMBIE! Within minutes we were being chased down our street!! HE WAS A ZOMBIE! He was out for blood. We had to act fast, so we ran to the Supra, jumped in, gave it gas, and hoped for the best! ZOMBIE DOWN! I repeat, ZOMBIE DOWN! RIP ZOMBIE Bob. Happy Halloween, everyone!


(Photo courtesy of the Negrotto family)
(Photo courtesy of the Negrotto family)

Krysten told me that they have had a lot of neighbors comment on the creativity, and even had strangers knock on their door to tell them that they enjoyed the elaborate display.

That was, until the Waretown Police came knocking.

Apparently, someone had called the cops to complain about the scene.

But the family wasn't in trouble. In fact, Krysten told me that, "when the officers came they stated someone complained about our display. But they were smiles and laughing about it."

Basically, the police were doing their job by responding to a complaint, but on a personal level the officers themselves got a laugh out of the display.

Since this all happened, the family has received a flood of encouragement from right here in Ocean County, all the way across the country as far as Utah.

The Negrotto family has a special place in their hearts for Toyota Supras, the car that took out Zombie Bob. In fact, Krysten's husband Kevin proposed to her in one.

If you take a good look at the unlucky zombie, he's actually made from parts of the very car that pins him to the tree.

Krysten said that they really appreciate all of the encouragement from near and far, and they're thinking of adding to the display.

You can see the display for yourself right on Mizzen Way in Waretown. Tell the family that WOBM sent you!


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