This is 2020, Ocean County "Person" of the YEAR. We can't thank you enough.

There were several on the list for Time Magazine's "Person of the Year" - President Donald Trump, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, and the Frontline Workers with Dr. Anthony Fauci. Time's "Person of the Year" was Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

2020 shook us all. 2021 WILL BE BETTER. Everything was different. From the social distancing, working from home, kids and school at home, masks, and the fear of Covid-19. Family members have died, friends have died, and how healthcare workers put themselves in the line of fire every single day for complete strangers and worrying that when they come home they will give the virus to their family. We are set on a routine and this year that routine was all messed up.

Could we say we've become more compassionate and caring though this time, possibly? This year especially because of the coronavirus pandemic we've come together in a lot of ways and gathered in ways we never have before.

On the list of "Ocean County's Person of the Year", You chose and I love all of these: Healthcare Workers - So many of you called them our warriors and heroes, Police, EMT's, Teachers, Local business and restaurant owners, Firefighters, grocery store employees, and I've added a couple thanks to some emails I received from listeners.

AND the WINNER of Ocean County's "Person" of the Year is our HEROES of 2020, ALL of the Healthcare workers. "YOU are our warriors and heroes as we head into 2021. Much love and respect for each and everyone of you. "Thank you" doesn't seem like enough, but we can't say it enough. "Thank you." "Thank you." "Thank you."

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