Is the "bakery" the best "comfort food" store that you know? I kinda have to think it is. When I think bakery I think sweet treats, fresh bread, and more.

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The bakery is that shop that has all the foods I want to eat on the couch with a cup of coffee. Hence the idea that it is the "comfort food store". We have fantastic bakeries here at the Jersey Shore, but only one bakery in all of New Jersey made the Food & Wine list of "Best 100 Bakeries in America".

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When it comes to baked goods my two favorites would be pie and bread. There is nothing like a fresh-baked pie and fresh bread out of the oven, absolutely delicious.

It is not surprising that bakeries are very popular and that there is some that rise above others as the BEST. Food & Wine has put together their "100 Best Bakeries in America" list and one from New Jersey made the national list.

B&W Bakery in Hackensack was named to this prestigious list. The Bergen County bakery is a fan favorite. It is known as the home for the "heavy crumb cake" The B&W Bakery was established in Hackensack in 1948.

Congratulations to the ONLY Jersey bakery that made this list, although I know several here at the Jersey Shore that should have made the list. What are YOUR favorite bakeries here at the Jersey Shore?


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