So now that Thanksgiving is over, it’s full steam ahead to Christmas. Less than a month until Santa Claus makes his trip from the North Pole to visit us here in New Jersey.

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With only a few weeks left it is definitely time to decorate for Christmas. The centerpiece usually for everyone’s Christmas decor is the Christmas tree 🎄

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When it comes to Christmas trees, April and I are traditionalists I guess. Green tree and “non” blinking lights. I see that more people though are opting for more colorful trees. Christmas trees in all kinds of colors. Red, pink, yellow, rainbow and red-white-blue trees. For me personally, you do you. Want a crazy colorful tree do it, it’s your decor do what YOU like and enjoy.

Now if you are thinking “colors” when it comes to your trees, there is a place in New Jersey that has something for everyone. Wycoff’s Christmas Tree Farm is located in Warren County in the town of Belvidere. They have become known for having both traditional but also very colorful Christmas trees.

Looking at their social media I see they have a wild selection of colors and if that’s what you are looking for then definitely check them out.

Let us know about your “tree”. Real, artificial, green, white, colorful …. Color light or white? Blinking or Non-blinking? Share your Christmas tree traditions and post below 👇🏻 DESIGNECOLOGIST DESIGNECOLOGIST


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