Six Flags Great Adventure continues to have issues with some of thier most popular roller coasters.

Separate incidents caused the shutdown of The Joker and Nitro coasters this week. Both rides have been inspected, and are back in operation as of this morning. reports a young boy suffered a head injury while riding The Joker on Wednesday, and had to be taken to a hospital. A Six Flags spokeswoman confirmed to New Jersey 101.5 there was a "guest injury," but "we are unable to speculate as to the cause of the reported injury." The ride was shut down after the incident.

On Sunday, a rider on the Nitro coaster claimed a safety restraining bar on the ride had come loose. Six Flags issued a statement saying, "All three coaster trains were thoroughly inspected by our maintenance team and found to be in proper working order."

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Park officials say inspectors from the New Jersey Department of Community affairs had done their own inspections of The Joker and Nitro, and certified them safe to resume operations.

Earlier incidents shut down the El Toro roller coaster and the Log Flume ride at the Jackson amusement park.

El Toro has yet to reopen after riders were stranded when a wheel on one of the train cars came out of position. State inspectors called it a "derailment," but Six Flags disputed the characterization. No injuries were reported among riders, who had to be escorted off the ride.

The Log Flume, one of the park's oldest rides, is running again after repairs were made to a broken guide rail. Two riders were taken to the hospital after one of the flume's boats slipped over the guide rail, and perched precariously on its side.

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