We've discussed some of New Jersey's unique laws in the past, like not being able to pump your own gas. But there are a number of other laws on the books in The Garden State that make the gas pump thing look like child's play.


  • george tsartsianidis - ThinkStock
    george tsartsianidis - ThinkStock

    Spray paint has to be sold with a warning

    According to this rule on the books, anywhere you can buy spray paint, there should be a sign nearby warning juveniles that there are stiff penalties for painting graffiti.

  • Rosanna-Parvez - ThinkStock
    Rosanna-Parvez - ThinkStock

    Be kind, it's the law!

    Have you ever felt like some people are jerks? Apparently lawmakers in New Jersey felt that strongly enough that they designated a whole month to being nice to each other. In The Garden State May is "Kindness Awareness Month in New Jersey"

  • Doug Menuez - ThinkStock
    Doug Menuez - ThinkStock

    Turn that frown upside down!

    Nobody likes getting pulled over. But, according to this New Jersey rule, you better keep your feelings to yourself. It's illegal to frown at a cop in Jersey!

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    Thinkstock Images

    Plan your car shopping accordingly

  • 3103jp - ThinkStock
    3103jp - ThinkStock

    Don't even think about selling cuffs to kids

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