When you are my age (66) it is likely that you have lost both your parents.  This weekend will be a reminder of what I’ve lost and what I still have.

My father died on November 5, 2014 so Saturday will be the 8th anniversary of his passing and sometime soon I have to get out to visit his grave at the Brigadier General William C. Doyle Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Wrightstown.  Of course his passing is a reminder of a sad time and it comes ironically one day after my mother’s birthday.  The good news is she is still around and today turns 95 years old.  Felice Williams is still in very good shape, does crossword puzzles on a daily basis, roots for most New York sports teams, maintains a great appetite but never gains weight and keeps most of her phone calls to a minute or two.

My mom lives with my sister and her family in South Jersey and is still fairly independent.  We laugh that when she does die we should have her body donated to medical science because she really is a freak of nature.  I don’t think she ever took an aspirin until she was in her 80’s and has dealt with a couple of medical issues but still walks faster than I can.

Sunday a dozen of us are going to gather at my brother’s place in Seaside Park to celebrate her 95th because it is really worth celebrating.  Let’s be honest, at her age you don’t know how many more birthdays there will be so each one is truly special.

This weekend will clearly be a reminder of what I have lost and what I still have.

My Dad introduced all of us to Penn State. many years ago
My Dad introduced all of us to Penn State. many years ago

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