Valentine's Day can be a total bummer for people who are single.  You want to be happy for your friends but it gets hard to see photos of everyone's flowers, chocolates, and jewelry, right?  It's easy to let this "holiday" get you down, so I'm writing this blog to remind you that you are awesome and loveable, even if there's no man or woman to have dinner with tonight.

Do you catch yourself thinking badly about yourself?  Are you self-critical?  Do you think you're not worthy?  When I start thinking negative thoughts I ask if I would talk to a friend that way.  The answer is, "No!"  We tend to beat ourselves up and criticize ourselves in a way that's really unfair.  Why do we treat ourselves badly yet treat others with kindness?

I've recently come to know about something called Self Compassion.  It's an actual thing that seems to be getting more popular with lots of books, articles, podcasts, etc. on the topic. Spending time on this website might help you be a little kinder to yourself today and in the future.

So if you don't have any romantic plans for today, how about spending some quality time with yourself or some friends?  This GALentine's Day thing has really caught on...


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