I think it's time I bring this up. I have been pushing it off and playing it cool but enough is enough! All I want is for the Carrado's Market in Brick Township to open! Hey, Carrado... we Jersey Shore Italians are chomping at the bit over here, WE NEED YA!

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Is Carrado's Market Ever Going To Open In Brick Township? I know many of you are asking the same question because I see you clicking on an article I wrote back in March. In the last few weeks, thousands of people have been clicking on the old article link. I get it, you and I both want answers!

Here's everything you need to know...

On March 9th, 2021, I wrote an article highlighting the "opening" of a new Carrado's Market. The North Jersey-based Italian market was supposed to open on June 1st in the Brick Township Laurel Square shopping center. The announcement was made in the comment section of the Instagram picture below:

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So now what? Well, no one really knows. I did some research and I have been looking at a ton of Carrado's Market social media comments...

Many people always ask, "when is the brick location opening." The Carrado's Market social media team recently answered someone saying, "we do not have an official date yet. As soon as we do, we promise to share the news!" See above.

The good news, at least we know they will be opening. At least we know there will still be a Carrado's Market at the Jersey Shore! The question is when??? Only time will tell!

I know this place will totally be worth the wait! Let's be real, it's impossible to find workers right now. Hopefully early in 2022, Carrado's Market in Brick Township will be serving customers...

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