Thank you to my Mom and her friend Sue who recently came down to visit me.

But as these two were heading towards the parkway down Route 37 in Toms River, they were met with a very unpleasant incident.

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They noticed a massive ball of smoke in the air so my mom pulled out her phone and started recording.

It turns out, there was a massive car fire on Route 37 East and my mom caught the entire thing on camera.

As of now, there is no news on whether or not anyone was injured but I am keeping my fingers crossed that this was just a crazy accident with zero injuries or fatalities.

As more information comes through, we will let you know.

If you have any information, please email me at

So first, there was dark smoke spotted from afar.

[video width="720" height="1280" mp4=""][/video]

But then as she got closer, the amount of damage became apparent.

[video width="720" height="1280" mp4=""][/video]

[video width="720" height="1280" mp4=""][/video]

In this video, you can actually get a look at the car after the massive flames were put out.

[video width="720" height="1280" mp4=""][/video]

This footage was taken on August 2nd around 1:15 PM.

And here is no surprise: this incident has resulted in some massive traffic on Route 37 in Toms River heading towards the coast.

[video width="720" height="1280" mp4=""][/video]

Please stay safe out there everyone.

Whatever it is: a text, a call, a can wait.

And once again, if you have any information on this, please reach out at

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