The Dangerous Side of Ocean County's Extreme Sports
Watching the Halfpipe Skiing last night, I gasped in horror as I saw two bad accidents. French skier Kevin Rolland and American Torin Yater-Wallace took ugly spills that were really hard to watch. Can you imagine how their loved ones felt seeing the falls? It looks like both guys will be okay but…
Commencement: New Beginnings
I was really inspired over the weekend, attending ceremonies to mark my nephew's graduation from Villanova University.  Don't laugh but I actually took notes, wanting to remember some of the great soundbites from the different speeches!
A theme that ran through many of them was &qu…
Ocean County Kids Have Fun; Parents Get A Break
I wrote a few weeks ago about the rise of summer camps for adults.  But now I'm going back to basics, wondering if you'll be sending your kids to a sleep-away camp.  It seems like it could be a win-win.  Children keep their minds and bodies active, and parents get a break fr…
Reading Program For Kids
We ask that parents/caregivers arrive a few minutes early to sit with your toddler and focus your child's attention. By actively participating in the activities, you can encourage your child to participate also. It's helpful to all if you momentarily remove your toddler if your child becom…
Check Out The Top Baby Names of 2016
The Baby Center has released the top babies names of 2016 list. Many of these names will be used by parents here at the Jersey Shore. If you're expecting and thinking of names maybe this list can help!
Top Girls Names:


Top Boys Names


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