Brick Township's settlement agreement with The Fair Share Housing Center over their affordable housing obligations are approved by an assignment judge.


The agreed settlement that was approved states that Brick won't be required to build additional affordable housing units and will be protected from any constitutional challenges or builders remedy lawsuits for the next decade.

"That's due to what they call future obligations which is based on projections," said Brick Mayor John Ducey. "What the settlement is saying is that for the next ten years, we don't have to build any new units."

The final compliance hearing is scheduled for June 12 of this year.

"Our prior mayors and forefathers had a requirement that a certain percentage of houses had to be affordable," said Ducey who adds that "the only difference is when someone sells that home, they're only allowed to make a certain percentage."

He adds that It's a more beneficial way of complying with the construction of these units.

"We have so many affordable types of homes," said Ducey. We have a number for seniors and people with disabilities."

Even with the settlement agreement Ducey explains that they still wish to continue helping homeless veterans moving forward.

"We're going to hopefully building some type of facility for the veterans," said Ducey.

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