There's something about this time of year that gets me reading.  Don't you love devouring a book while sitting on the beach?  And how about sitting on your deck or in your yard while flipping through your current novel or non-fiction title?

As I get set to sit in the sand this weekend, I'm likely to read the new book I bought called "The Minimalists: Live A Meaningful Life."  It comes highly recommended from a friend.

If you're looking for some suggestions, I can recommend Nora Ephron's "I Feel Bad About My Neck."  It's perfect summer reading with a series of short reflections on being a woman and aging.  The writer had me laughing out loud.

Another book I'd recommend is "The Five Love Languages."  I've mentioned it before but it's really worth checking out if you haven't yet.  My friends who have read it are telling their friends so it's really a topic worth exploring.  And then you can discuss it with YOUR friends!

What's a book that you think is great for summer reading?  Please share in the Comments section.

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