To you, it's a pint of blood. To someone else, it might be life or death.

iStock/Townsquare Digital
iStock/Townsquare Digital


Members of the Silverton Emergency Medical Services team aim to help keep adequate blood supplies on hand at the shore, but they'll need some volunteers to get it done.

Wednesday evening, between 5 and 9 PM, they'll host a drive on behalf of Central Jersey Blood Services in their headquarters, 86 Maine Street.

Generally, you're eligible if you're at least 17 years of age and 120 pounds or more, and feeling well. Double red-cell donors who are men should be at least 5'1" tall and 130 pounds; female double red-cell donors should be 5'5" or taller and at least 150 pounds.

Walk-ins are welcome, but if you're on a schedule and want to set up an appointment, call Kevin Kubiel, 908-910-8432. Drink water before arriving, and bring along signature identification.

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