As bummed as I was about waking up at 4:30 am with a mild case of insomnia, I was happy about one thing.  I noticed the early birds were up already...presumably to catch the worms.  They were singing in my back yard and it was a really nice sound.  Later in the morning, they got louder, of course.

I'm hearing more unusual sounds in the trees this spring.  And a lot more woodpecker noises.  Or maybe I'm just paying attention more.  But there's a really interesting variety of bird chirps, calls, and squawks.  (Is there a "Shazam" type of app that can identify what birds are making each sound?)

Anyway, the birds singing makes it really sound like spring and I'm loving their music.  (Well, except for that one that was so noisy and sounded like a burglar alarm.)

I have friends who incorporate bird watching into their travel plans.  Sometimes I think when I get older I might enjoy going on bird watching trips.  Do you ever do it?  Where are some good spots in New Jersey for birding?

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