The top three states' "economies" are California at number one, Texas at number two, and New York at number three. All three with huge economies that are larger than many countries around the world. In fact, all of the top ten U.S. state economies are very impressive and maybe you've wondered where does New Jersey fit, in this scheme?


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Top Ten U.S. State Economies

1. California

2. Texas

3. New York

4. Florida

5. Illinois

6. Pennsylvania

7. Ohio

8. Georgia

9. New Jersey

10. North Carolina


So as you can see New Jersey is in the top ten economies here in the United States, so we ask the question what are the biggest companies in New Jersey? Which company headquartered here in the Garden State is the largest?


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According to a recent Patch article, Fortune 500 has listed the biggest company (revenue) in New Jersey as the company that brings you such products as Tylenol, Band-Aids, Baby Powder, and Listerine to name a few. Fortune 500 has Johnson and Johnson ranked as New Jersey's most lucrative company. In addition Fortune 500 has Johnson and Johnson in the top 50 (36th) in America.




Johnson and Johnson are headquartered in New Brunswick in Middlesex County. Here are the top five largest (revenue) companies in New Jersey

1. Johnson and Johnson

2. Prudential Financial

3. Merck

4. Beckton Dickinson

5. Cognizant Technology Solutions


So there you go the biggest company (dollars) in New Jersey is Johnson and Johnson and it's impressive to see that New Jersey is ranked 9th in America. Hopefully, our economy continues to grow here in the Garden State as we head toward 2023.


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