It's easy to find a bar with TVs at any number of chains, but only a few spots in Monmouth County get it just right.

Each one of these sports bars has its own unique quality.

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Whether it's history, food, drink selection, or atmosphere, you're hard-pressed not to find a place to call your own in Monmouth County.

Wing lover? Many of these watering holes have "the best" wings.

I'll let you decide. Plus, since we live in New Jersey, virtually every spot offers primo pizza.

When it comes to The Big Game, though, one must be absolutely sure they have the perfect place scouted out.

Locally this year we don't have any skin in the game. But that doesn't mean it's going to be any less fun.

For many, this will be the first opportunity to step out and into a sports bar for the championship game in nearly two years.

Listen, hanging with friends at the house is cool and I enjoy it.

But, there's nothing like being surrounded by those friends and dozens more buzzed maniacs really getting into the game.

It's really all about the atmosphere. Some of these bars are landmarks, some might be unknown. Heck, I'm sure I accidentally left a few off of the list. My bad.

That's where you come in. Where is your favorite sports bar hang? Let me know.

Hope you have an excellent big game day and stay local to support these outstanding Monmouth County bars.

Now, in no particular order...

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