This summer, you can get extremely HIGH off the Jersey Shore coast!

You can get as high as 500ft! I don't care if it's Purple Haze, there's no way any type of sticky icky is getting you that high...

Okay, I gotta get my mind out of the gutter before I lose my job...

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I am thrilled to be getting the word out about Belmar Parasail. The family-owned and operated business is back and excited to have a tremendous second half of the summer...

Belmar Parasail:

 Come join us 500 feet above the Atlantic Ocean for the ride that will make your summer. Enjoy the views of your favorite beaches and wave to your friends below as you check out schools of sea life.

Parasailing combines parachuting, ballooning, sailing, and gliding all in one ride.

Take off from the back of our 31-foot parasail boat’s flight deck and get ready for the ride of your life. You can choose to be gently dipped a little or a lot in the ocean water and land on the back of the boat just as gently as you took off.

Our experienced crew is certified drug-free and have flown folks of ALL ages safely. You can fly solo or with a friend. Bring the whole family and enjoy the Jersey Shore from a whole new view. We look forward to seeing you, come join us.

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Reasons why you should ride with Belmar Parasail:

  • It's fun and safe for the whole family.
  • It's always a gentle, dry take-off & landing.
  • The captain is U.S. Coast Guard licensed.
  • There are group rates & gift certificates.
  • There is a digital photo package.
  • If space permits, observers are welcome.

All thanks to Belmar Parasail, it's important to note, banana boats are also back this summer! It's $40 per person and you can ride with up to 12 passengers - Ages 5 and up.

Call Belmar Parasail to make a reservation today at 732-681-8359. They accept MasterCard, VISA, Travelers Check, and Cash. You can also make a reservation online by clicking this LINK. They are located on L Dock in the Belmar Marina. 608 River Road - Belmar, NJ 07719 - If you plan on flying, they would like you to arrive 20 minutes early. Have fun and enjoy getting HIGH. - Jimmy G

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