Twice this month I’ve come to work after less than four hours of sleep.

The first was after the Super Bowl which is the norm but the second was a bit of a surprise as I stayed up to watch last night’s Democratic Presidential Debate and even some of the commentary afterwards.

Most of my interest centered around the debate debut of former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg who has been surging in the polls mostly because of the media blitz he’s been funding with his own money.  I’ve said in the past that Bloomberg is a candidate that I would strongly consider this November as I search for someone I could cast my vote for with confidence.  After last night I’m still searching.


Front cover of the NY Post after Democratic debate
Front cover of the NY Post after Democratic debate (NY Post)

Let’s be honest. One debate should not and will not break him or any other candidate but if it was a fight moderator Lester Holt would have had step in and give Bloomberg at least a standing eight-count.

The other five candidates on stage in Las Vegas have been waiting anxiously to take their shots against the billionaire and if you didn’t know any better you would almost think they orchestrated a game plan against Bloomberg.  Guess what. It worked.

In a debate that was pretty nasty at times the winner may be unclear but the loser was clearly the ex-Big Apple mayor who was on defense throughout the two-hour forum.  He seemed uninterested at times, appeared weak and meek and was somewhat unprepared for what was a vicious attack on issues he should have known would be brought up: women and race.

In fairness it was Bloomberg’s first appearance in the national spotlight since entering the race less than three months ago and he is not even on the ballot for Saturday’s Nevada caucus.  For him the campaign starts on March 3 which is Super Tuesday and he’ll have time to repair some of the damage but he better come out swinging soon.

For what it’s worth I thought Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden probably had the best performances last night but Amy Klobuchar who I find interesting was also pretty good.  Frontrunner Bernie Sanders pleased those who like him but I doubt won over many new voters and maybe the same can be said for Pete Buttigieg who is the most articulate debater but just does not seem ready for the job as leader of the free world.

The big winner might have been President Trump who is likely licking his chops as the Democrats try and destroy one another right in front of our eyes.




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