The 4th of July fireworks were rescheduled to Labor Day weekend, now they're canceled all together in Beachwood due to the coronavirus pandemic.

A letter from Beachwood Mayor Roma:

Letter From Beachwood Mayor

This is just so sad. First we missed out on the 4th of July, not just in Beachwood but everywhere in Ocean County and surrounding areas. I know lots of listeners that were excited for the fireworks on Labor Day Weekend. I know the crowds that the beautiful Beachwood Fireworks bring, it is probably the smart thing to do.

Knowing Beachwood Mayor Roma, I know he's terribly upset about this. He was just as excited as you and me.

He states in the letter that he wants everyone to stay safe.

Personally there's just no way thousands and thousands of people wouldn't come to see these fireworks and social distancing would be so hard for Beachwood, Toms River, and surrounding towns.

Along with writing in his letter to his residents about the virus, he's concerned with spreading COVID-19 with schools opening soon.

He also states, we are all looking forward to celebrating next year's Independence Day for America's 245th birthday.

We were so looking forward to Labor Day Weekend. 4th of July Beachwood Fireworks are always a highlight for Shawn and I when we can watch the fireworks on the Toms River with thousands of our closest friends. We play Hot Potato and our very popular Shawn & Sue Scavenger Hunt.

The faces of Beachwood residents will smile once again when we will be celebrating the 4th of July Beachwood Fireworks on the Toms River next year.

Shawn & Sue, Townsquare Media
Shawn & Sue, Townsquare Media
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