As a former "Benny" and now a year-round resident of the Jersey Shore, I'm very thankful that we found our home in Bayville, New Jersey.  When I say 'home', I don't mean the physical structure.  I mean the community that makes us feel welcome.  We have great neighbors, my oldest son goes to a phenomenal school with tremendous teachers, we're close to the bay, beach, and where I work too.  Overall, Bayville has been very good to my family in 2020, but I have a few recommendations on ways to take it from good to great in 2021.

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As you'll see, my wish list is a little bit of practicality, a greater selection of restaurants, and a little bit of family fun.  If I missed something that desperately needs to be added, please e-mail me here!

Here goes:

Bayville's 2021 Wish List

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