A Republican sweep in Stafford, a Democratic sweep in Brick, and a dark-horse victory in Little Egg Harbor loom among the highlights of contested races in Ocean County.

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Credit: iStock

Barnegat Township Committee (Two 3-year terms): Susan McCabe (R-Incumbent) and Frank Caputo (R) defeated Carrie Diona (D); Bill Cox (I) and Denise Pilovsky (I)

Berkeley Township Mayor (4-year term): Carmen Amato (R-Incumbent) defeated Anthony Mazzella (D)

Berkeley Township Council (Three 4-year terms): John Bacchione (R-Incumbent); L. Thomas Grosse, Jr. (R-Incumbent); Keith Buscio (R) defeated Brady Palmer (D); Sara Ortenzio (D); Annemarie Werthmann (D)

Brick Township Council (Four 4-year terms): Andrea Zapcic (D-Incumbent), Lisa Crate (D), James Fozman (D-Incumbent). Arthur Halloran (D) defeated Frank Pannucci (R); Martin Ebert (R); Michael Conti (R); Charles Bacon (R) and Bob Moore (I-Incumbent)

Lacey Township Committee (Two 3-year terms): Gary Quinn (R-Incumbent) and Tim MacDonald (R) defeated Helen De La Cruz (D); Michael Dos Santos (D), Barry Bendar (I); and Greg Pancza (I)

Lacey Township Referendum: Voters opted not to move School Board Elections from the November General Election to the third Tuesday in April.

Lakewood Township Committee (Two 3-year terms): Menashe Miller (R-Incumbent) and Meir Lichtenstein (D-Incumbent) defeated Michael Berman (R) and former Mayor Marta Harrison (D).

Little Egg Harbor Township Committee (Two 3-year terms): David Schlick (D) and Lisa Stevens (D) defeated Mayor Aurthur Midgley (R-Incumbent); and Edward Nuttall (R-Incumbent).

Ocean Gate Township Council (Two 3-year terms): Bruce Cox (R) and David Kendrick (R-Incumbent) defeated Stacey Sanders (D) and Rich Russell (I).

Point Pleasant Borough Council (Two 3-year terms): William Borowsky (R) and Antoinette DePaola (R-Incumbent) defeated Ed Wolff (D) and Pete Hagemayer (D).

Point Pleasant Borough Council (One unexpired 1-year term):  Michael Thulen (R-Incumbent) defeated Jack Butler (D)

South Toms River Borough Council (Two 3-year terms): Kevin McCormack (R) and\; Thomas Rolzhausen (R) defeated Greg Handshy (D-Incumbent) and Richard Applegate (D)

Stafford Township Mayor (3-year term): John Spodofora (R-Incumbent) defeated Joanne Sitek (D)

Stafford Township Council (Six 3-year terms): William Fessler (R) Paul Marchal (R) Sharon McKenna (R-Incumbent) Alan Smith (R) David Taylor (R) and Stephen Jeffries (R) defeated Brian Corley White (D) Joan Westervelt (D) Nicole Downs (D) Helen Cocuzza (D) Kevin Teeple (D) and Denise Pobicki (D)

Toms River Township Mayor (4-year term): Thomas Kelaher (R-Incumbent) defeated Susan Pontoriero (D)

Toms River Township Council (At-Large, three 3-year terms): Brian Kubiel (R-Incumbent) Maurice Hill (R-Incumbent) and George Wittmann (R-Incumbent) defeated Michael Bateman (D); Dan Rodrick (D) Teddy Price (D)


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