Ocean County Decides 2016: The winners
Regardless of how the rest of New Jersey swings on the Presidential scale, Ocean County's Republicans let out a deep red roar for Donald Trump, giving him a two-to-one edge in votes over Hillary Clinton in unofficial tallies.
Monmouth County Decides 2016: key local matchups
Two Congressional incumbents face challenges by multiple opponents, the Mayor of Belmar leads a ticket to upend two sitting Freeholders, and a Marlboro Township Councilman throws down the gauntlet against the current Sheriff. Monmouth County voters get all that, plus a myriad of local governing-body…
Ocean County Decides 2016: key local matchups
The race for the U.S. Presidency is far from the only one bearing a close eye. Ocean County's southern, western and northern sectors have different Congressional seats to decide, and there is a plethora of local contested races.
Ballots in Brief: Ocean County School Boards
Very close margins decide the composition of school boards in nearly a dozen contested races throughout Ocean County, and Lacey Township board of ed voting stays in November.
Berkeley Township - Central Regional Board of Education (Two 3-year terms): George Dohn; Denise Pavone-Wilson;
Brick Township B…

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