Can you even imagine having a winning lottery ticket and not even knowing it? Check your tickets.

The New Jersey Lottery announced just this week said that nobody has come forward with this huge winning lottery ticket from New Jersey.

According to the, the lottery ticket was a Mega Millions worth $1.13 billion and it was sold right here at the Jersey Shore. It's crazy to think that. Can you even imagine if you lost that ticket?

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From New Jersey Lottery: "The $1.13 billion Mega Millions jackpot from Tuesday, March 26, that was won by a single ticket in Neptune, New Jersey, remains unclaimed at this time," said the state lottery in a statement Monday."

The WINNING numbers on the  unclaimed lotter ticket worth $1.13 billion sold in Monmouth County, NJ

The winning numbers: 7, 11, 22, 29, and 38 - plus the gold mega ball 4 according to the

The lottery ticket was sold at the Shop Rite on Rt. 66 in Neptune, NJ.

If you are the winner, make copies of it, probably call a legal and financial advisor, and call 1-800-222-0996 to file the claim. I'm going to write it again, check that ticket on the bottom of your purse or that folded ticket in your wallet, it could be you.

Think about this, the lottery ticket had an estimated prize of $1.13 billion with a cash value of $537 million. It's the largest jackpot ever won in the Garden State.

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