This past Saturday was quite a night in Asbury Park. As we put the finishing touches on The Haunted Hall, paranormal experts gathered at the boardwalk's historic Paramount Theater and Convention Hall to try to find out once and for all - are they haunted?

I do want to make clear that these are early results. We still have hours of audio and video to carefully analyze. But if the early evidence is any indication, we should have some really interesting material for you.

I investigated The Paramount Theater side of the complex along with The Garden State Ghost Hunters, my colleague Colleen Hall from Townsquare Media Monmouth-Ocean, and my colleague Toniann Antonelli from Townsquare Media Trenton.

Almost everyone had what we call "personal experiences" - that is, feelings of chills, the sensation of being touched, and that feeling that many of us have gotten before when we just feel like someone is watching us or in the room with us.

Here are a few audio clips that stood out to me:

Colleen, Toniann, and myself were in one of the dressing rooms that was heavily damaged in a tragic (and deadly) fire in the 1950s. We all felt chills and as if there may have been a presence with us. In this audio clip, about halfway in (about the 4-5 second mark), a whisper is heard among those speaking in the room:


This next clip is from the historic projection room of the Paramount Theater. Myself and another investigator were in the room alone. At the beginning of the clip, you hear a flashlight clicking, and then a whispering:


Finally, we have an interesting clip, back in the dressing room. While it's not a clip of a voice, you can clearly hear the sound of something being dragged across the table, almost immediately after I say "...let us know that you're here". The interesting part about this is the fact that the three of us present - myself, Colleen, and Toniann, were all standing in the middle of the room, not touching any tables or shelving:


Again, these are just very preliminary results. We will continue to analyze our audio, video, and photographic evidence and have plenty of updates for you!

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