It has become an annual part of "Fall" like the leaves falling, football and Halloween ... It's "pumpkin" season! Pumpkin coffee, pie, donuts, dessert, cereal, candles, perfume and more .... you name it, they make it in pumpkin.

Who would have thought this veggie, whose closely related to the squash and cucumbers, would have become so popular! I have to admit that if I had to pick a favorite "version" it would be good ole' fashioned pumpkin pie, although my Wife smells nice with her various pumpkin body sprays. I also admit I only prefer "pumpkin" in Fall. Don't try hitting me with Pumpkin in Spring or Summer .... that's a NO-NO. Maybe a little in Winter.

So Dunkin Donuts has released a new video to celebrate the arrival of "pumpkin season" have you seen it ? Does this video scare you and the kids lol



What's your favorite version of PUMPKIN ?



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