Are Squirrels Eating Your Halloween Pumpkins?
One thing we have no shortage of here in Ocean County is squirrels! Every neighborhood here in Ocean County has a huge amount of our furry tree friends. For some maybe not "friends" as they raid our bird feeders during the summer and now they are attacking our pumpkins here in fall.
Ready For Some Pumpkin?
It has become an annual part of "Fall" like the leaves falling, football and Halloween ... It's "pumpkin" season! Pumpkin coffee, pie, donuts, dessert, cereal, candles, perfume and more .... you name it, they make it in pumpkin.
Pumpkin Fun!
Check out Shawn's "Pirate Pumpkin" a work of art considering Shawn is artistically challenged lol
Hope you and your Family have a very Happy Halloween and that you don't over do it on chocolate!
A Peek at the Glow
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