Here in Ocean County we have the best beaches anywhere!  Sand in your toes, nice chilly waves and sunshine and boardwalks galore....but you know what that means--- Bathing Suit time!

Does that make you shrug...definitely.  But like it or not, it's right around the corner.  That little polka-dot bikini!

The Nutrisystem/Harris Interactive 2012 Spring Dieting Season Poll found almost 60% of U.S. Adults don't feel ready for bathing suit season.  24% feel pressure to lose weight for their bathing suit.

67% of women don't feel reading for bathing suit season.

Only 50% of men feel "ready" for bathing suit season.

Single U.S. Adults are slightly more ready than married U.S. adults for bathing suit season.

Those who live in the West (29%) are significatnly more likely to feel pressure to lose weight than those who live in the Northeast (20%). 

Are you ready for bathing suit season?  We're taking your requests on what color bathing suits we should get this year?  What color should Shawn wear?  What color should I wear?  732 - 237 - WOBM

Since we're talking bathing suits.....What's your favorite beach in Ocean County!

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