Ah yes Fall, it's the time to clean up leaves.

iowa_spirit_walker, flickr
iowa_spirit_walker, flickr


I have these trees where the leaves just cover my yard.  I always raked and raked and raked again.  This year I thought I'd try something new and get a leaf blower.  I'm not really a bagger, I rake them to the street and then there's a big pile in the road.  Anyway I love this blower, it's so much easier than raking.  I used to see my neighbors using their blowers and thought to myself, come on and rake it.  Now I see why they use blowers.  It's so much easier.  I'm a huge fan of the leaf blower.  The hardest part for me is starting the darn thing...once I get it started, it's simple!  And I have stones in my front yard and it's so much easier using the blower then raking them.

Do you like raking leaves?  Do you have a leaf blower?  Which do you prefer?

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