Here's the scenario - you're on your way to work, traffic is crowded but not terrible. Traffic in the middle and right lanes of the Garden State Parkway is bunching up so you get into the left lane to pass the crowd. Suddenly you come up on a vehicle in the "passing lane" taking their sweet time and you have to slow way down. You have just encountered a "left lane camper" (and I'm using the polite name here).


Not only is passing on the left good driving etiquette, but it's also the law in New Jersey. By "camping" in the left lane, slower than the flow of traffic, not only is the driver causing a dangerous situation by forcing everyone else to pass on the right, but, frankly, it's really aggravating. In fact, State Senator Donald Norcross (D-Camden) said, "Having conversations with law enforcement, they refer to this as one of the triggers for road rage."

Drivers may not realize that they can get pulled over by staying in the left lane, but if the bill that Senator Norcross is sponsoring in Trenton goes through, they better learn fast. The bill would raise the current fines from $50-$200 up to $100-$300, a hefty price to pay for hanging out in the "passing lane".

I don't know about you, but those are two of my biggest pet peeves on our roads these days; people hanging out in the left lane, and people passing on the right when they could just as easily pass on the left (along with people driving with their brights on, which I previously vented about).

How about you, what drives you nuts on the roads? Vote below, then leave us a comment!


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