Holiday traffic has started already here on our local roads and we know traffic never ends in Ocean County. Even with the summertime traffic gone, our roads are still packed.

These were chosen by you, thank you for all the emails and your responses on Facebook...the worst traffic intersections:

Chosen By You: The 10 Worst Traffic Intersections in Ocean County

So many of you emailed me and I can't thank you enough for all of these. Summer seems to be the most aggravating for everyone, but now with the holidays, our roads are crazy, also.

There is so much traffic in Brick depending on the time you are there. Manahawkin is a biggie too, Rt. 72. Just to get to a grocery store could take 30 minutes while living five or ten minutes away. Several of my friends live in Manahawkin and they say this all the time.

We have a lot of busy intersections we have to encounter every day living here in Ocean County. We don't only have all these intersections and more, but the parkway which is crazy, shore traffic or not. The parkway, on any given day, let alone the weekends, it's crazy for the morning and afternoon drive.

Beachwood residents sending me the traffic on Rt. 9 I totally get, I sit in it a lot. The section of Rt. 166 and getting off of the parkway at S. Toms River is just crazy usually when everyone is coming home from work.

Stay safe, especially around the holidays. Everyone is moving so fast, let's slow down on the roads.

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