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One thing we have no shortage of here in Ocean County is squirrels! Every neighborhood here in Ocean County has a huge amount of our furry tree friends. For some maybe not "friends" as they raid our bird feeders during the summer and now they are attacking our pumpkins here in fall.

We have a bunch of squirrels who have made our property their home. We see the little younger squirrels as they head out of the nest to try their luck at my bird feeders while mom and dad roam the yard for acorns, pine cones etc as they get ready for the upcoming winter season.

This year we see another source of food for the squirrels and that's the pumpkins. We are have a few pumpkins around for Halloween and fall decorating and the squirrels have fallen in love with the gourds!

If your tired of seeing your pumpkins half eaten by the squirrels nj.com  recently posted an article with some common solutions to keeping them away from your Halloween decorations.

Vinegar: Use white distilled vinegar. Keep in mind vinegar may discolor your pumpkins, but squirrels hate the smell.

Animal repellants: Fact: Squirrels hate the smell of rotten eggs, can you blame them? Use commercially sold repellants ....especially ones made with “putrescent whole egg solids.

Hot sauce: If the smell doesn't get Nutsey Squirrel, then the taste might! The hotter the better "muy caliente"

Pet hair: Chances are you have some "pet hair" in your home and a good way to get rid of that unwanted "pet hair" is to spread it around your pumpkins. Squirrels are not friends with your cat or dog, so their scent won't be a welcome scent.

Hopefully these simple tips will keep the pumpkins safe through Halloween, then the squirrels can have at them!

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