Seems there's been a theme to my posts recently: trying to counter the ill effects of violence and threats.  While it's important to stay alert and aware of what's going on in the news, I believe we also need to get away from all the negative stuff for a while.  I've written before about going for car rides and discovering cool little towns; going to dog festivals; and today's topic is:  live music!

Going to concerts is one of the best ways to "escape" and get lost in music for a couple hours.  On Sunday night, I joined a crowd in Philly to watch the fabulous KT Tunstall.  She's famous for that song "Black Horse And The Cherry Tree" with its catchy "Woo Hoo" intro.  I'll admit, the only songs I really knew of hers was that one and "Suddenly I See."

But thanks to a last minute free ticket offer from a friend, I feel like I discovered a truly gifted artist who's love of performing was infectious.  Talk about positive energy!  She shared with us how she's feeling great after having suffered through a really tough time, losing her father, then ending her marriage.  She was full of thanks that we turned out for the show and talked to the audience like she was a friend playing an intimate show at a bar.

Tunstall played many different guitars as well as tambourine.  And she did lots of cool stuff with the pedals, even joking that #24 makes her sound like Neil Diamond.  Her voice was pretty and rockin’ at different points of the night.

I’m sure you’ve been to shows where the singer goes from one song to another, not really giving the audience the time of day.  For me, part of going to a concert is engaging with the performers.  Sappy as it sounds but there’s a cool exchange of energy that happens in person.  The artists who just race from song to song without saying much, well, that just seems like they’re there only for a paycheck.

But I can understand if people complain about artists who talk too much.  They’re paying to see and hear songs, not talking.    Do you like a performer to be chatty with the crowd, or focused only on the music?


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