Feeling earthquakes here in New Jersey isn't anything like in, say, California or Hawaii, but we do get a few rumblers a year, and yesterday, some in the Garden State reported feeling the earth move.

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the 3.0 magnitude quake was centered in the Atlantic Ocean, about 33 miles off the Long Island coast.

3.0 is small when compared to what our friends on the West Coast experience, and lighter than the 4.6 shaker that some in Ocean County felt earlier this year, but with those of us living here in the Northeast not used to earthquakes, it was still enough for some to notice pretty far inland.

The quake resulted in a handful of reports here in Jersey, including someone checking in from Monmouth County and a lone report from as far away as Bensalem, PA.

According to NJ.com, it's not unusual for The Garden State to get a handful of earthquakes a year, but most are too small to notice.



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